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Day 2 - A song I find incredibly beautiful….

Two Occasions - The Deele

This song is just makes me feel so…ugh! I love it! The instrumental is just amazing, and the lyrics are sung beautifully. I can definitely relate to the chorus when it comes to that special person:

"I only think of you on two occasions; that’s day, and night. I’d go for broke if I could be with you, only you could make it right." ♡♡

You know what sucks?

Having someone in your life that you loved and cared for so much, decide to treat you like shit, and ignore you completely, just because certain circumstances changed. I’ve never been so hurt in my life, but I’ll be okay because I still have REAL friends that stick by me no matter what. No longer do I have fake “friends” that only pretend to care because they think they have to.

Moral of the story: Realize the real lies with your real eyes.

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